Treasure House Orphanage ~ Week 1

Bula bula,

I’ve just completed my first week at the Treasure House Christian Childrens Home. It is an orphanage in Nadi, which is home to 28 children ageing from 2 weeks old to 18 years old. The 2 week old boy came to the orphanage when he was only 2 days old, he is so tiny, cute and being shown a lot of love from the staff, I even got to have a little cuddle yesterday 🙂

I have been helping out with the toddlers. They are very sweet but also quite cheeky, demanding but mainly lovely little people who just want attention and love. It does make it hard when 5 toddlers under 3 and 2 special needs children are fighting for your affections.

On Monday, my main focus was a 4 year old girl named Daphne. She is a bit slow in that she can’t walk or talk properly yet. The staff said the doctor advised that it will come in time. She understands everything but just can’t reply and can only walk when we hold her hands for balance. She also needs to be fed her food, so I discovered just like most other children, she doesn’t like her veggies. The 5 toddlers fight a bit between themselves and one little girl is always crying to be picked up. Staff said to let her cry because she can’t get her own way all the time which I understand. They all want to sit on my lap and cuddles are regular between running around and playing. They sleep between 12-2 so I take a 2hr lunch break and either go home or into Nadi town. Around 2.30 it’s afternoon tea time followed by bath time.

I hit a milestone, once the children were clean and dry I had to dress them and put on my first nappy (aka dipper). It’s easy when it’s a clean one, really dreading if I’ll have to change a dirty one lol.

It was chaos when the older kids arrived home from school, also it was torrential raining and storming so we had to keep the toddlers in a separate room. Quite challenging and cramped, I was sitting on the change table due to lack of chairs and at one stage I had 3 toddlers on it with me just sitting, 2 beside and 1 on my lap. Cuteness! The school children are friendly and inquisitive, one girl said I look very nice and thought I was only 20. They were happy to see me back for a second day.

Some of the special needs children are the hardest. Especially when telling them to stop doing something, I found out on my second day the hard way. All the other ladies were occupied with feeding the babies and he was jumping around and playing with the louvers, they asked me to put him down but then he turned and bit me. It wasn’t too bad but since I bruise easily it looks worse than what it is. He ended up getting his own way and continued to play with the louvers until he was bored and onto the next thing.

To end the week it was very sweet, the little boy Jacob who always wants to sit next to me and hold my hand waved me goodbye until I went out of the gate. Some older children asked if I’ll be back next week, I’m glad that they are happy for me to be there.

It is overwhelming but I hope it helps to make a difference.

Until next update, Vinaka Vakalevu

Loloma Levu


4 thoughts on “Treasure House Orphanage ~ Week 1

  1. Sharon Lieu says:

    Alice, sounds like you are having a great time in Fiji. Love to hear more about your work with the kids at the orphanage.
    Enjoy your weekend


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