Treasure House Orphanage – Week 2

Bula Gang,

I’ve been at the Treasure House now for 2 weeks and 2 days. I’m feeling very settled in and know the children and their temperaments well.

After the first week I decided to look past the confronting side and not compare the living situation and ways things are done here to Australian standards. This is Fiji and it is still a developing country but it is so great to see so many visitors and locals donate anything that they can.

We have had many Australian tourists come to visit and play with the kids for an hour or so, they also bring toys, clothes, food, nappies and cleaning supplies. It really helps and goes a long way and the staff really appreciate it.

It was funny the other day we had some bogans visit, the woman laughed when I said I was from Canberra and proudly said she was from Sydney, I asked whereabouts and Campbelltown was the reply = no further comments haha

Last week I went with the staff and 7 of the 0-4 year olds for their health checkup at the hospital in Nadi. It was very interesting to see the hospital and what a checkup for an infant requires. The hospital was old and no sign of a computer or laptop, everything is written and filed away.

I looked after Manu, a 1 year old boy for the visit. Needless to say he’s cute because they are all cute but he’s a well behaved lil guy. He happily sat on my lap until we were called by the nurse, who then measured, weighed, quick look in the mouth and ears, then he was good to go.

Everything went smoothly until the van was late picking us up! Trying to keep 7 children/babies happy and under control when they are getting bored and fed up is a hard task, where “Fiji Time” goes wrong hehe.

Well as for today, I hit another milestone! I’ve decided to look at it as a milestone rather than grose which it was haha. I had to bath Jacob one of the 2 year olds who likes to hold my hand and drag me everywhere with him J well this little cutie did a poo in his nappy/dipper just as I was getting him ready for his bath. Well not only did I change a dirty nappy, I had to wash him and the poo off. Yes, I had to even touch poo!! I dry-reached the whole time but I did it and once the poo was gone and he was back smelling nice and looking fresh I’d forgotten about it Yay!

Vinaka Vakalevu,

Loloma Levu x


10 thoughts on “Treasure House Orphanage – Week 2

  1. Joan Gidley says:

    Wow Alice,  you are so compassionate and loving and your little people are rewarding you by enjoying and thriving in your care. I am very proud of you,keep up the good work<3 X

    Sent from my Xperia M2 on O2


  2. Jenette Harvey says:

    When I saw Dr Trinh the other day she said to me ‘how is Alice doing in Fiji?’ I told her and she replied ‘wow that is a wonderful thing she is doing…she is one together girl!’


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